Corporate Social

We lend helping hands by finding areas where we are required or can prove relevance, and then doing our best to provide solutions in those areas. We do not take Corporate Social Responsibility for granted. Our integrity is clear in this area; we have gone above and beyond our rules to help society where it is needed.


  • We develop local communities within and outside the communities we operate.
  • We support and run empowerment programmes for women and children in various communities.
  • We empower local entrepreneurs by creating programmes that will help them develop their capacity while partnering with them to scale their enterprises.


  • We execute Renewable energy programmes and initiatives.
  • We address climate change mitigation and adaptation issues in our service offers.
  • We reduce the direct and indirect environmental impact of our activities.
  • We make the environmental quality of our products and services a lever for improved performance.


  • We develop infrastructure in the communities where we operate.
  • We invest in technology solutions that aid productivity and encourage innovation across our value-chain.
  • We develop responsible and innovative service offers to help our clients to achieve their goals quickly and safely.